Finally, 35% of all Costa Rica medical tourists come for dental surgery or implants.S. Why? Because they know that they can save up to 65% in Costa Rica for the same procedures they would receive in the United States.S.

  Seriously injured people experience similar savings. The cost? About $3,200 or so., board a jet or ocean liner and head south for medical care in tropical Costa Rica.S.

  Cosmetic surgery accounts for more than 13% of all Costa Rica medical tourism.

  This is where Costa Rica medical tourism comes in for thousands of suffering American tourists.

  Three Costa Rica hospitals are JCI accredited, ensuring that they meet the highest international standards for hospitals and patient China Injection Plastic Products Manufacturers care. citizens unable to afford health insurance, injury is added to insult because hospitals charge uninsured patients much more for services than folks with good insurance. and other world renowned medical schools.S. There are thousands and thousands of hospitals on the planet but only a small percentage reach the excellence for JCI accreditation.

  In addition to the three JCI accredited hospitals, there are three clinics accredited by the American Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory Facilities. The treatment in Costa Rica rival the quality of anywhere but at prices that boggle one's mind. Clinica Biblica charges less than $12,000 for the same procedure. And, with nearly 50 million U. Instead of paying $10,000 in an American clinic or hospital, they hop a plane, pay $3,000 or less, get the procedure they want, recuperate in a tropical paradise on a Costa Rica vacation, and go home with money in their pocket. Periodontal surgery that is at least $2,500 in America is about $400.

  Others go on vacation to Costa Rica and, while there, have their breasts enlarged. are between $500-$750 in Costa Rica. They are Sonrisa Por Todo (Smiles for Everyone) which provides dental care and Pino Plastic Surgery and UNIBE (University of Iberamerica) for surgical and ambulatory care., expect to pay $30,000 or more.By now, almost everybody knows that American health care is the most expensive in the world---by a long shot. Every year, more than 25,000 people, mostly from the U. More and more women come for face lifts.

  Costa Rica offers internationally accredited medical hospitals and board certified doctors---many of whom have studied and trained in the U.

  Lasik eye surgery that can cost $5,000 in the States is less than $2,000.S.

  Only the world's finest hospitals have Joint Commission International Accreditation. If you do not have medical coverage and need total knee replacement surgery in the U.

  Those hospitals are Cima, Clinical Biblica, and La Catolica Hospital, all in or within minutes of San Jose, Costa Rica's capitol.

  . Implants that cost $3,000 in the U. Thousands less than in the United States